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You are welcome to Dental Clinic PERIODONT in Vilnius.


Our Dental Clinic was founded in 1998. Since then we are greeting our patients from whole Europe and we are expanding our dental surgery continuously. Modern treating methods can satisfy all demands of our customers. We are committed to providing you with highest quality oral health care.


At the Dental Clinic PERIODONT we believe that a healthy, good-looking, natural smile is not just something for the lucky few, but something we can all enjoy.


We take great pride in everything we do, giving our attention to the smallest detail to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment. A healthy and attractive smile is an important facet of life. It impacts your health, self-esteem and relationships. We endeavour to provide the very best in aesthetic dentistry in conjunction with oral health treatments. This ensures your teeth and gums can be maintained in good health after treatment has been completed. Our qualified dentists and hygienists play a critical role in oral health education and care, showing you simple measures to keep your mouth healthy.


Our clients choose us because of:


Our world class expertise

Our wealth of experience – you’re in safe hands

Their carefully planned, tailor-made smile design

Predictable, lasting results

The highest quality finish and a healthy smile

A warm welcome and unrivalled service

Word-of-mouth recommendations

A comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience


Our dental services and dental treatments include:


Preliminary examination and consultationPreliminary examination and consultation

Comprehensive new patient examComprehensive new patient exam

Treatment plan and quotationTreatment plan and quotation

Radiologyy: dental and panoramic x- ray: dental and panoramic x- ray

Annual check-up

Dental implants


Dental surgery:


tooth extraction with operation

sinus lift operation

bone grafting


Dental crowns and briges:


metal-ceramic crowns

zirconium crown

full ceramic crown

gold ceramic crowns

full gold crowns

ceramic veneer

Gradia crown

Fillings and inlays

zircon-ceramic inlay

gold inlay

Gradia inlay

white aesthetic fillings

careful exchange of the old amalgam fillings


Artificial dentures:


full prosthesis (plastic base with teeth)

full prosthesis (metal base with teeth)

partial prosthesis with clips (metal base + teeth)

partial prosthesis with slider (metal base + teeth)

replacing of plastic teeth into the prosthesis

prosthesis repair

provisional prosthesis

combined dental replacements


Oral hygiene and prevention treatments:


removal of dental deposit

dental cleaning and polishing

tooth whitening


Periodontal treatment:



Fixed braces

Removable braces

Functional appliances





root canal treatment

root apices resection

root filling


Children and dental care:
It is very important to get children into a dental routine from an early age. As a parent, it is critical to begin cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they appear which beings at approximately 6 months. Although these “baby” teeth will fall out by early adolescence, they are still important for the development of permanent teeth, and should be cared for accordingly.

There are a number of elements involved in taking care of children’s teeth. Regular trips to the dentist are essential, both for professional cleanings and to ensure that your child does not have any cavities, or other dental problems. Since children have thinner enamel than adults, decay can spread quicker, so they may need more frequent check-ups. Dental x-rays are also important to make sure that teeth are progressing and moving properly.

The Dental Clinic PERIODONT accepts payment from insurance companies listed below: SEB Life Insurance, BTA Insurance Company, PZU Lietuva, ERGO Life Insurance, GJENSIDIGE Baltic, COMPENSA Life Vienna Insurance Group.

We do welcome patients with other dental insurance plans but do not file and manage dental claims. Patients are therefore responsible to pay for treatment at the time services are provided and obtain reimbursement from their dental insurance company.  As a courtesy, we will provide you with a standard dental claim form listing the treatments that were provided and the payment received. You can submit the dental claim form to your insurance carrier and payment will be directly sent to you.

All our staff is highly qualified and competent in their fields. Our doctors have undergone a rigorous selection and training process to allow our Dental Clinic to offer you the best level of care. These standards are maintained by continuous education programmes for all our staff, participation in appropriate quality assurance schemes, attending a skills course, multi-disciplinary meetings, so you can be sure your dentist is always working with the most up to date innovations in the field.

We have experienced Dental and Oral Surgeons and Implantologists, Oral Hygienists, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists, Periodontists. You can have complete confidence in the quality of our dentists that provide top quality care for your teeth.

A first class service is hence of utmost importance to us and is a major part of our philosophy. We will respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently and will be as flexible as possible regarding appointments.

We work with the newest technologies and materials in accordance with the strictest regulations, in modern and elegant environment at favourable prices. We put particularly large accent on the hygiene, on our work quality and professionalism, and of course on the reliability and friendliness to our patients. The Dental Clinic PERIODONT works according to valid Lithuanian state Law and has all required certifications. Our specialists have all the necessary licenses to work.

The Dental Clinic PERIODONT works according to valid Lithuanian state Law and has all required law certifications. All specialists have all the necessary licenses to work.

Your visit would begin with a dental consultation with one of the general dentists. They will evaluate your dental situation and then provide you with all possible treatment options. If special treatment is required they will refer you to our specialists for further assessments.

Our services

Our treatment is in line with European Union requirements. Applicable to all types of dental treatment and oral disease prevention services for children and adults.

Our doctors

Doctor odontologist
Ieva Gibavičiūtė 
Facial jaw surgeon
Julius Spruogis
Doctor odontologist
Giedrė Girgždytė


  • Payment for treatment can be done in cash, by cards, by transfer.
  • We cooperate with insurance companies:
  • Part of the service is reimbursed from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF).

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